Gelato With Alcohol

Customers please be aware that alcohol based ice creams are reduced under heat leaving primarily the flavor. Trace amounts of actual alcohol remain. Order wisely.

Amaretto Almond Fudge

Amaretto gelato, gourmet almond paste, chocolate fudge

Banana Bread Bourbon

Bourbon reduction, banana puree, banana bread


Delicate blend of caramel, panna cotta, vanilla, and IPA

Coffee Stout

Cinnamon, Guinness, Coffee

Egg Nog

Cinnamon, Mexican vanilla paste, nutmeg, bourbon

Vanilla Whiskey Caramel

Vanilla bean paste, caramel sauce, whiskey

White Russian

Baileys Irish Cream gelato

Dairy Free with Alcohol

Blackberry Merlot Sorbetto

Blackberry puree, merlot

Champagne Peach Sorbetto

French white peach puree and Italian Prosecco

Guinness Chocolate-Hazelnut Stout

Dark Chocolate hazelnut gelato, almond milk, Guinness Stout

Pineapple Halaby Pepper Tequila

Fresh slightly baked pineapple with halaby peppers and patron silver

Lemon-Blueberry Port Sorbetto

Blueberry puree, fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, zinfandel dessert port wine

Strawberry Shiraz Sorbetto

Strawberry puree, lemon, shiraz