Too many hotels and airplanes

The Epic Gelato story began with a random and unexpected moment. There are moments in OUR lives where the universe speaks to you.  It gives you the option to turn left or right. I had such a moment a few years ago. I would like to tell you about it. It is the reason Epic Gelato exists.

I was in Rome on business. I had been traveling for three solid weeks and was on the tail end of a nine country speaking circuit throughout Europe. I was tired. Tired from the travel. Tired from lack of sleep. Tired because I missed my family. Just tired. I needed coffee bad!

Well, I was in Italy where coffee is kind of a thing there. I marched out the door and started walking down the street.  Within a block I found a small coffee and gelato shop. The shop had just a few tables on the sidewalk, marble floors, a small espresso machine, a few pastries, and maybe eight pans of gelato. The shop was encased in a beautiful building, probably thousand years old. Behind the counter was the owner. The owner, a stylish woman maybe in her 60’s, greeted me warmly from behind the counter with a welcoming smile as I entered the shop. Ok, that was easy!  Caffeine incoming.

I order, “Triple espresso to go.”

She gave me a look. “American?” She asks, in English but with a thick Italian accent.

“Yes.” I reply just wanting my coffee.

Then something strange happened. This woman from another country, a total stranger, stops what she is doing, walks around the counter, and puts her hand on my shoulder.

“You Americans. You are always in such a hurry.” She smiled warmly.

“Come. Sit. I insist” She says, as she guides me to a seat and I comply.

“I make you a coffee in proper cup, and you, you take a minute for yourself.” She says.

At that exact moment in time, I was slightly annoyed. I was on the clock. I just wanted the coffee. A few minutes later, she brought me a small porcelain cup filled with aromatic espresso in one hand and a small pastry in the other.

“I give this to you. No charge. Remember, you need to take a minute for yourself, every day.” She said in a motherly tone.

This small and unexpected kindness was powerful. So I did, I took my minute.  The coffee was delicious.  The pastry divine. As I was about to leave, this special woman, whose name I never knew, hurried around the counter to send me off with a kiss on each cheek and a single word.


I have told this story many times to friends and family, and now to you. This experience was the genesis of Epic Gelato. The universe giving me an opportunity take a turn. I am taking it!

I hope you come by Epic Gelato and; “Take a minute for yourself.”